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Shipping Information


  • Your order ships out FAST. If you place your order by 1:00 PM Eastern Time, your order will ship the SAME DAY.
  • If you place your order after 1:00 PM, your order still MIGHT ship the same day but it is not guaranteed. It is guaranteed to ship the next business day (Monday through Friday) For example, if you order at 1:00 PM on a Monday, your order will ship Monday. If you order at 1:30 PM on Monday, your order may still ship Monday but it is guaranteed to ship on Tuesday. It all depends on when our orders are shipped that day, sometimes they ship later in the day and therefore an order placed after 1:00 PM might still ship that same day. All times are Eastern Time.


  • We ship every day, Monday through Friday, excluding USPS Holidays. Check the USPS website for their holiday schedule.

FREE SHIPPING (All US Street/PO Box/APO/FPO/International addresses):

  • For FREE, we will ship your order by USPS First Class on all orders. There is an option during checkout to select Express Mail for orders within the USA, though it is expensive. We only charge our shipping costs, we don't try to make money on express mail like other companies have been known to do.
  • For shipping addresses within the US, you will normally receive your order within 1-4 business days. East coast orders usually arrive faster than West Coast orders.


  • USPS Express - extra $21.18 per order.
  • We also offer USPS Express 1-2 day shipping for an additional fee of $21.18. This covers only the extra cost for shipping. We do NOT charge any extra for this service than our cost for the postage. We ship from the East Coast of the United States, so Express shipping may only be worth it to you if you live on the West Coast, as First Class Mail may take 3 or 4 days to go from Coast to Coast.
  • GUARANTEED overnight to most US locations, 2 days to some, tracking included.
  • You must still order by 1:00 PM EST to guarantee same day shipping.


  • We offer shipping to APO/FPO addresses. There is NO ADDITIONAL cost.
  • For APO/FPO the 3 Military States are AP (Pacific), AA (Americas), and AE (Europe) and represent the 3 Military City mail processing facilities. These cities are San Francisco, CA (AP), Miami, FL (AA), and New York, NY (AE). Your order is first processed through the USPS, then funneled to the Military State you designate, and finally transported to the APO/FPO address via Army/Air Force (APO) or Navy (FPO) personnel. After drop off the military takes responsibility for your shipment and it will be processed through the military mail system.


  • We ship worldwide by USPS First Class Mail for our international customers. There is a flat charge of $13 for all orders. Most international orders cost us a minimum of $13.78 to ship, even with our commercial shipping discount. We cover any costs over $13 so you don't have to. We used to be able to offer free international shipping but unfortunately USPS raised the base international shipping charge substantionally, whereas an item that used to cost us $4.95 in 2011 now costs us $13.78 in 2020. Transit times vary depending on your country and customs procedures.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.




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