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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Are the medications you ship the same quality as the ones I buy at the local pharmacy?

    We only sell medications manufactured and marketed by leading international pharmaceutical companies that are approved by the US FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) and the WHO (World Health Organization), the two most trusted regulatory agencies in the world. As a result you can be assured of receiving high quality medication. Click HERE to read about the pharmaceutical companies whose products we carry.

    The brands we carry are also the exact same brands prescribed as a generic (Cipla Prilosec for example) by doctors in the United States. We just bypass the brick and mortar pharmacy and insurance companies, so you receive the exact same medicine at half the cost.

  • How are you able to offer such low prices, beating all major retail chains and online stores?

    All we sell is over the counter medication. Period.
    We don't lose money on nonsense items that other stores carry and have to make up the loss by raising the price of the better selling OTC medication.

    We have almost no advertising costs.
    We rely on word of mouth and repeat customers. Other than that, we have minimal costs for online advertising, nothing even near the price retail chains pay for TV advertising campaigns. This is the same strategy that Costco has taken, enabling them to offer the best prices on most items they carry.

    We have no retail stores to pay a lease on.
    Leases are expensive, plus the cost for air-conditioning and heating the store and water and electric bills. When you shop at a retail store, those costs are passed on to you in the price of the product.

    We have no paid employees.
    Everyone that works here is part-owner so we have no salaried employees. This also gives you an advantage in that when you email us a question or talk to us, you are getting a response from someone who actually cares, not an underpaid apathetic employee.

    We don't raise the price much higher than our cost.
    Besides retail stores, even other online pharmacies are ripping you off. It really doesn't cost much to make most medication. We haven't found another online pharmacy that didn't overcharge you. They do this because they know most people aren't aware of how low their costs are. Most will charge 50 cents for a tablet that costs them 15 cents. That's a 333% markup! Our markup is minimal, usually only 3-5 cents per tablet or capsule and in the range of 10-15%. We believe that if we offer the best price out there, customers will keep coming back. Everyone wins.

  • Are the products you sell within their expiration dates?

    We do not sell medication that is past its expiration date. It would be illegal to do so. Not only are the medications we sell within their expiration dates, we receive the newest batches of medications straight from the pharmaceutical companies on a daily basis. We therefore don't store a large amount of stock, usually at most only 2 months stock in hand. This guarantees you the freshest product. The medication you receive is as close to the production date as you can get. You may find it works BETTER than store brands.

  • Why don't I need a prescription to buy your products?

    All of the products we sell are available over-the-counter worldwide. You don't need a prescription to buy them in your local pharmacy in the same way you don't need a prescription to buy them online.

  • What is the shipping fee?

    Orders shipped anywhere within the United States and to US Military addresses ship by First Class Mail for FREE.
    International orders ship for a flat fee of $13.
    Express 1-2 day shipping is available for our US customers for an additional fee of $21.18.
    Click HERE for detailed shipping information.

  • Do the products arrive discreetly packaged?

    Everything we send is packed in regular, plain packaging with no reference to "medicine" or "pharmacy". The return address will simply refer to our company as "Life Sciences".

  • How do I contact you?

    We do most of our correspondence by email. You can also chat with us on WhatsApp (18022814745).
    All email will receive a personal response within 24 hours, most of the time the same day. The best part is that we have no paid employees, everyone that works here is part-owner. You can be assured that we will take very good care of you.

Email us - we respond quickly!



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