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Omeprazole Capsules (Prilosec OTC) - Omecap:   

NEW BRAND - now in stock!

• 20mg Omeprazole per capsule.
• Sealed foil packs of 15 capsules.
• Omecap Brand Omeprazole, manufactured by Laborate Pharmaceuticals and approved by 21 international FDAs.
• Capsules contain enteric-coated pellets to ensure they survive stomach acids. The enteric    coating allows a delayed-release of the active ingredient to bypass stomach acids and    release in the intestines to work for an entire 24 hours.
• Compare to brand name Prilosec - New state price controls that went into effect in 2019 allow us to bring Omeprazole to you at an even lower price.

Over the counter Brand Name Prilosec OTC as well as generic Omeprazole costs much more in stores. You can purchase the generic version here, made by Laborate Pharmaceuticals. Our cost went down dramatically due to new price controls in India! Adhering to our philosophy since 2010 (and unlike every other company), we are passing this savings onto you.

• Current Manufactured Date: May, 2020        • Current Expiration Date: April, 2022

4 Blister Packs - 60 capsules - $9.88
• $16.47 per 100 capsules
7 Blister Packs - 105 capsules - $14.88
• $14.17 per 100 capsules
14 Blister Packs - 210 capsules total - $22.88
• $10.90 per 100 capsules
USPS Express 1-2 day shipping option - only $21.18 extra, which is our postage cost, not any more (default shipping is First Class Mail). For USPS Express 1-2 day Shipping, select the "Rush Order Fee" check box on the top of the billing information page when you checkout (US Customers only - International Orders are shipped Regular Airmail).


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