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Fluticasone Propionate
(Safe-Flo - Generic Flonase)
100 sprays/bottle
50mcg per metered spray


January 10, 2020:

BRAND NEW PRODUCT! - Our in-house brand of Flonase is finally here. We teamed up with Lenus Lifecare to bring you our in-house brand at a much lower cost for you.

Compare Walmart's Equate brand to our generic: Our price is 58% lower in price!

  • Brand New and Sealed from Lenus Lifecare
  • 100 metered sprays of 50mcg/spray Fluticasone Propionate per bottle
  • As low as $3.59 per bottle
  • Generic Flonase costs $8.60/100 metered sprays for Walmart's lowest priced bulk package of 3 bottles of their Equate brand. Ours is as low as $3.59/100 metered sprays, 58% lower in cost. ( pricing as of 8/2019)
  • Brand Name Flonase at Walmart costs nearly 600% more than our brand.
  • FREE shipping on all orders within the USA.

• Current Manufactured Date: November, 2019        • Current Expiration Date: October, 2021

1 Bottle - $6.49
43% lower cost/spray than Walmart's "Equate" single bottle price!

2 bottles - $11.68
$5.84 per bottle


5 bottles - $19.98
$3.99 per bottle


10 bottles - $35.96
$3.59 per bottle

USPS Express 1-2 day shipping option - only $21.18 extra (default shipping is USPS First Class Mail) For USPS Express 1-2 day Shipping, select the check box on the top of the billing information page when you checkout (US Customers only - International Orders are shipped Regular Airmail).


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